Sunday, November 25, 2007

India (last update: Nov. 21, 2007)


* Mamberhip: 85000 abhyasis? (100 000 in the world?)
* Preceptors: 1137 in 2006, 610 in 1995
* Growth: 8% per year over 1995-2007 (7% in the world)
* Penetration: 85 abhyasis per million population (15 to 20 in the world)

What is certain is that India is the main source of SRCMfollowers, and that the number of preceptors has doubled in a dozen years and that more than half of them are concentrated in 4 states: Uttar Pradesh in the north and 3 states of the Horn southern India: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This is roughly the same for meditation centers and for ashrams.

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