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How Life Becomes Hell!

How life becomes hell?

"In Denmark, in particular, people talk so much Babuji Maharaj, you see, we expect that there will be good results here ... And yet, there does not appear to have results in this for countries (...) heaven's sake, wake up and get to work! "

Chari's address to the preceptor - Vrads Sande (Denmark) - 19/09/1998

"The divine plan can only be realized by human effort ... In 1972 I traveled with Babuji to the US. After three weeks there were 76 abhyasis but until 1984 it was arround the same number. What does this show? Nobody worked. But today we have three thousand. Only work produces results, only God works through human beings. "
Chari's address in Denmark (10/08/2000)

An English preceptor relates his experience and feelings following a seminar in Manchester on 12 and 13/03/1999: "We watched Chariji's speech to preceptors in India, October 1, 1996 on video. Chariji said preceptors do not work enough. By not working we are really insulting Babuji and his plans. We were sad after the video. "Natural Way (Fall 2000)

Chari, in a speech at the ashram of Mysore (Karnataka, India), February 16, 2004, urged his followers to wake up: "(…) Karnataka has been very slow in developing in Sahaj Marg (…) there is too much tendency to stay at home and wait for everything to come to our house (…) I know many houses where the father is the abhyasi, not the wife, not children, and for twenty years they do not change. If a man can not influence his own wife to start Sahaj Marg, who else is he going to influence? I know wives are very difficult to manage, but that is female nature, you see, and we are here to change nature by starting with our own family first (…) So, people of Karnataka, please awake. "Same thing at the Bangalore Sept. 26: "(…) Karnataka is a big state. Why is it not growing? (…) But no growth (…) is a sleepy Karnataka state (…) If you sleep, you have to be woken up. "

At a meeting of Preceptors in Chennai (17/07/2004), Chari is for them: "(…) we were talking (…) about preceptors, their responsibilities, their work or lack of it (…) I receive letters from abhyasis, from preceptors, and they tend to dramatizes this business of being a preceptor out of all proportion to what it really involves in our life. Either they suffer from guilt because they do not do the work that is assigned to them that goes with being a preceptor (…). And sometimes they are also angry, annoyed, desperate (…). "

"(…) I really did not expect to come back to the USA again, because I was pretty depressed about the general situation. Not of the economy, not of the politics, not of the country, you know, but of the abhyasis of the Mission. (…) It had become something of a routine, you know (…). That was one reason why I was not traveling abroad for the last three years out of India. (…) the people of India yet come to spirituality. So, like my old job in my company, where I was a marketing man, I had good markets, markets and bad markets which were okay. (…) And the temptation was always to go to the good market first (… ) marketing management dictates that you should give more time to those markets which are not so profitable or productive. (…) So I have been concentrating on India for the last three years, and I am very happy to say that, if you think in terms of statistics, we've probably had three hundred percent growth in the last three years in India. We've had so many new ashrams coming up, coming up big ashrams, housing projects coming up, abhyasis coming in droves, you know ( …). And it is good. (…) I do not have a conscience at all - it's a question of work. I do not judge myself, I only do my work and leave the result to him. And (…) here I am. (…) I'm really happy to see more Native Americans this time in the Mission than I have ever seen before. (…) I want to see an enormous audience of Americans here. I do not want to see less of Indians, I want to see more of Americans. Indians More and more, much more and more of Americans, and these halls should become too small for us. " -
Excerpts from "I only do My Work", Chari speech in San Jose (CA, USA) 10/08/2003

Rather than live in serenity which was promised, the preceptor's dark in fear of displeasing the Master, to never do enough to earn his affection. A permanent malaise that is carefully maintained by Chari ...

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